RES-SKILL project

The RES-SKILL Partners are:

The Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies (PROMEA), based in Athens, Greece, is a non-profit association. It was founded in 2006 by researchers, university and education staff, engineers, entrepreneurs, public and private sector employees sharing a common vision of open content, community-driven solutions, and equal opportunities on access to knowledge. PROMEA’s goal is to contribute in addressing societal challenges related to workforce re-training and upskilling, resource efficiency, circular economy, quality improvement in education, inclusiveness, and equal opportunities.
Since its founding, PROMEA systematically develops and manages successful EU-funded research projects and provides services spanning across the project design and implementation lifecycle, bringing substantial added value. Peering with numerous top-notch Further and Higher Education organisations across the EU, PROMEA has been offering continuous vocational training and lifelong learning opportunities to diverse occupational and social groups, with a particular focus on the low-skilled, based on innovative pedagogical methodologies. Its scope of activities includes the following areas:
- Development of know-how and methodologies for managing research and development projects.
- Scientific and educational research.
- Provision of services in order to improve research capacities in the public and private sector.
- Implementation and management of research and training activities.
- Advancement of teaching and learning methodologies by innovative learning-by-doing approaches.
- International collaboration and exchange of experience through projects, studies in the field of research and education.
- Scientific communications, issuing of press releases and other materials. 

By providing external services to public organisations regarding decarbonisation opportunities (as also evidenced in the context of the Interreg Europe project DeCarb), PROMEA has experience in a) analysing decarbonisation needs in EU regions, in terms of employment, reskilling opportunities, and land restoration in post-decarbonisation scenarios, and b) identifying and selecting good practices, addressed to policy-makers, regarding decarbonisation pathways for the adoption of clean energy technologies.
In addition, PROMEA has established strong ties with the Regional Association of Local Governments of Western Macedonia (PEDDM, Greece), a legal institution representing 12 municipalities in the Western Macedonia region (EL53) – a ‘Coal region in Transition’, per European Commission’s ‘Just Transition Mechanism’. Western Macedonia is the most carbon-intensive Greek region and the one where most Greek coal workers are employed at the moment (approx. 7500 low-skilled workers directly employed in coal power plants and
mines). PEDDM is an associated partner in RES-SKILL, having provided a Letter of Support, and it is expected that PROMEA will work closely with PEDDM to reach out to coal workers and disseminate the RES-SKILL project results.

The vocational training institute BFI Burgenland (BFI) is a non-profit educational institute and association that belongs to the largest private educational institution in Austria, the umbrella organization BFI Austria. The Chambers of Labour and the Austrian Trade Union Confederation are supporting organisations. As a professional educational institution, BFI Burgenland aims to support people in their personal and professional development through high-quality and cost-effective educational programs, with the learner’s needs at the centre. The educational offer is aimed at individuals, businesses and public sector clients with a view to taking into account regional conditions and accompanying and promoting people of all ages on their individual educational path.
BFI Burgenland offers comprehensive education and training: company and labour market training, apprenticeship training, academic qualifications as well as internationally recognized certificates are part of the wide range of services offered. The focus is on the acquisition of competences in order to be able to apply the knowledge in practice and to expand professional perspectives. BFI strengths are:
- Innovative, adult-friendly teaching methods by highly qualified, committed teachers from the academia and industry
- Holistic and personal learning in a stimulating learning environment
- Modular education and training with the use of the latest technologies
- Continuous knowledge exchange with partner companies and experts in the field of education
- Application of quality management systems and international know-how transfer for further development 

BFI Burgenland runs over 1.200 courses a year, comprising 140.000 teaching hours, and qualifies over 15.000 learners each year. Courses focus on the needs of both employed and unemployed individuals, promoting the personal and occupational development of the learners by providing high-quality education and training. The courses are geared to the actual demands of the labour market and also provide (re)orientation in a world of change. The high level of our courses is maintained by means of an internal quality management system, regularly updated through further training for BFI employees and an international know-how transfer. Most of education and training courses are based on modular systems, facilitating tailor-made and thus highly efficient forms of learning (BFI is officially certified to the EN ISO 9001: 2008 international standard). 

BFI Burgenland is involved in the development and implementation of numerous national and transnational projects either as leader or partner. The continuous exchange with the project partners from business, science, research and education enables a permanent reflection process for further development. Critical tasks are used as opportunities to strengthen the educational awareness in a forward-looking manner and to promote quality standards in education and training. Projects serve an important educational and learning process, which promotes the advance of services in daily educational work. Across the borders of Burgenland, the educational mission is taken seriously in a constantly changing globalized world and projects are developed for the future.